Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Hi everyone! This is my first official post on my blog... and even though it isn't a super exciting one I think you all will enjoy it! I promise to write a post soon introducing myself :)

About two months ago, I ran across this tutorial on how to clean window blinds I just had to try it!
I decided to do my bedroom blinds (2 large blinds) and the blinds in the kitchen (one smaller blind).
Here are some before and after pictures!

                                           These are the three blinds before they got their washin'.
                                           Please excuse the leaves :)

                                           These blinds have not been clean since they were installed.

Just look at those dust bunnies!!

This stuff works magic! Just spray it on

One of the blinds after they have been sprayed...

After the blinds are sprayed off with a hose, they look brand new!

I hope that you all can find this helpful! I really felt like a had brand new blinds, and they smelled good!!

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